Star & Snake Residency & Stephen Romano Gallery "Magica Sexualis" Show

This past October I spent two idyllic, electric weeks at the Star & Snake residency, a new hub of esoteric art in New Hampshire. Created by artists Natan Alexander and K Lenore Siner, they have transformed a century old white monolithic New England church on the hill to a sanctuary for creativity and magick. While there I created my painting "Magus" of creatrix Hannah Haddix which I immediately exhibited at the "Magica Sexualis" show at the Stephen Romano Gallery in NYC, another hub of esoteric art. It is on display until 12/15/15, alongside Jel Ena's solo show "Sanctum Infernum".

I shared the residency with two other amazing individuals, William Kiesel, founder of the Esoteric Book Conference, Seattle, and Ouroboros Press, and Emily Rose Michaud, a land artist who focuses on rivers, symbols, and growing tapestries of living plant art. To be immersed in a place of immense beauty, surrounded by individuals of great kindness, integrity and passion was a real dream. Each of us would work separately through the day and cook one another dinner by night, sharing stories, dreams, processes, while the fireplace crackled and the immense fabric of stars revealed itself in the cold northern air. We took several trips together to ice cold waterfalls shrouded in autumn's fiery leaves, and Salem, Mass for William's illuminating talk on the lunar mansions, while witch tourists roamed the twilight brick main street in search of ghosts.

One of the most exciting parts of the residency was the fact that we were the first round of residents at this fledgling institution. We witnessed the Star & Snake symbol be designed and placed atop the church in place of the cross, received Star & Snake tattoos from Natan to commemorate the weeks, helped paint the observatory in blue geometries for Ishtar, and were the first to labor through the night and become intoxicated by the dawn, pouring love and intensity and blessings from our hands to our art and to the grounds, which will, over the years, come to nurture many other passionate individuals.

Immediately after the residency I traveled home to NYC which is packed tight with memories, sensations, and people I love. It was a sweet homecoming to be able to attend the "Magica Sexualis opening at the Stephen Romano Gallery, a small three room gallery in a Bushwick neighborhood covered in street art and graffiti. It was full and lively the whole time with Stephen joyfully running around taking pictures, people treating Jel Ena with reverence, the high priest of the COS in attendance with pentagram bedecked crew, a pair of scantily clad vixens, and a half mad man taken away in handcuffs. Oh NYC I love you. I loved the show's range of voices, each touching on aspects of the erotic, occult, and mystical experience. Best of all I met truly kind and sincere people which is the real jewel of an artist's life. And someone said to me, "if you take away anything from our conversation, remember age is nothing. You are never too old to start something, begin again. Forget age."


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